Combining Experience

& Performance

After 3 years of freelancing website development projects, Troy Hartman formally founded Hartman Technology Solutions, Inc in 2001 in Sioux Falls, SD. Today, Hartman Technology has grown to partner with hundreds of businesses, nonprofit groups, international Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, and educational institutions.

As one of the most experienced web development firms in the region, our team has decades of experience in developing websites, programming custom software, and implementing middleware. We have the depth of knowledge to program current software applications and the experience to support legacy systems.

We believe in personal attention and are committed to total client satisfaction, delivering experience and quality within any budget. The following core values are represented in everything we do.


We don't pretend to be experts in everything, so we won't simply tell you what we think you need. We believe you know your organization the best, which is why we are here to understand your goals and help you achieve them.


Our extensive experience has shown us that some ideas may be great for some organizations, but may not work for yours. If it doesn't, we'll tell you why and back it up with research.


We are passionate about developing creative and innovative solutions. There isn't anything we enjoy more than understanding your challenges and finding innovative solutions to overcome them. This isn't just a job to us, this is our definition of fun.


We are committed to your total satisfaction. If the product we produce doesn't meet or exceed your expectations, we work with you until it does. There will always be someone to talk to and we promise timely answers to your questions.


At Hartman Technology, you aren't a client or a customer, you are a partner. We are dedicated to forming a long-term relationship with you and we look forward to contributing to the success of your organization.


We believe the best way to empower you is to share our knowledge. We won't use the latest buzz words in order to impress you. We use everyday language in all of our communications. Plus, you own the finished product - from the domain name to the code itself.