Business Automation

& Efficiency

At Hartman Technology, we choose the strategy "work smarter, not harder," to help you accomplish your professional goals. Almost every organization can benefit from streamlining their processes, and we specialize in evaluating your existing business systems and creating custom, programmed, automated processes. This allows your staff to do their job consistently and efficiently, in turn leading to increased productivity and a larger profit margin for your organization.

How Our Experience Benefits Your Organization

  • Eliminating Duplicate Entry of Data:

    Minimize the number of errors by eliminating duplicate entries. Just enter your information once and let Hartman Technology take care of moving that information to other areas of your organization.

  • Increase Communication:

    Communicate easily with your sales staff or vendors by putting vital information at their fingertips, rather than wasting time with files or outdated information.

  • Create Electronic Records with Online Signatures:

    Become a paperless organization and digitize your electronic records with Hartman Technology. Our solutions not only save you time from having to search through files, but they even integrate electronic signatures that can be verified in a court of law.

  • Ensure Checks and Balances:

    Be proactive in reducing and catching errors before itís too late. Hartman Technology can program a system that ensures the checks and balances you need within your organization.

  • Accomplish Single Sign-On:

    Hartman Technology can integrate your existing network authentication, such as Active Directory, into many other areas of your organization, allowing your staff to only remember one username and password.